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(Zeichnung/Montage\Collage) = (self-made drawing/montage\collage)

»Hello, this is CulmSee-Axel-acad.2161 = Axel Culmsee from Germany, living at area named "Westerwald" (woodland), located south of Cologne. 
in addition to my "Local Guides" entries thought it would be interesting for all of you readers / researchers getting some more details at Wikipedia and via Wikimedia, too.«
[my text from that website]

here are the hyperlinks >> websites:

>>> File List [self-updating]

User page

and aditionally @ >>> Wikipedia
a(l)s Benutzer / User
user page with header photography:
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(Fotos inkl. Shuttles/Montage\Collage) = (photographies incl. shuttles self-made with drawing/montage\collage)

© Photographies with photo editing Produced & Copyright by Axel Culmsee / Germany case you're a Trekkie you might understand my user name... ;-) 

Beispiel: der Culmsee = Jezioro Chelmzynskie auf Wikipedia

Jezioro Chelmzynskie at Chelmza (Poland)

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